Mysterious Tweets by Kim Jong Un

"Kim Jong Un" has been on Twitter since October 2011. There are several parody "Kim Jong Un" accounts on Twitter, but this one appears different, and I have been following it for about three weeks now.

Some of the features of this account that stick out include:
  • The target audience is the Japanese.
  • No official "verified" mark.
  • Statements made by this account have accurately predicted future events in terms of foreign affairs and diplomatic relationships with leaders of other nations.
  • Extremely friendly Tweets.
  • Native-level Japanese proficiency, including slang use.
  • Some followers are zealous NK-supporters/sympathizers.

It is important to provide the political and historical context for the non-Japanese readers here so that they have a better understanding of why these Tweets by @kimjungil2 and its followers are unsettling.

The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan
Its predecessor, the Korean League in Japan (?), was founded on October 15, 1945 and was shut down by the GHQ in 1949.  It aimed at the establishment of the new Korean regime, uniting with the "Republic" (one of the popular ways of calling the NK by NK people), promotion of sustainable world peace, and improvement of the living standards of Koreans in Japan. In reality, however, its members committed crimes (e.g., physical assaults, property theft, fraudulent claims for public assistance, illegal occupation of residence and public space, identity theft) against the Japanese during the aftermath of the Second World War. The GHQ recognized it as a violent group and disassemble the organization in 1949. It is important to note, however, that the GHQ was lenient towards the presence of the Japanese Communist Party, which had been in opposition to the Soviet Communism (which NK socialism was originally founded upon), in its interest in combating Soviet regime after the WW2 and at the outbreak of the Cold War.

The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan was founded in 1955, with its executive-level officers being NK top-tier politicians. It is said to have been providing financial assistance to NK through "businesses" involving illicit drug dealings, ownership of gambling venues, and gang activities. Its activities are based on the Juche ideology, promoting Kim Il-Sung's Marx-Leninist doctrine as well as worship towards Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il. The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan is also said to have been involved in abductions cases of the Japanese by NK and espionage acts and training in Japan. There are several politicians in the opposition parties in the Diet in active relationships with this organization who have made clear statements against Japan's legislature to strengthen its military capability, the military alliance with the U.S., and its participation in the global anti-terrorism partnerships.
For more information:

Who's Tweeting as Kim Jong Un?
My guess is multiple Japanese or Korean-Japanese individuals who belong to the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, and who can obtain information directly from Kim Jong Un have been behind this account. NK politicians operate this organization, and may likely have been involved in the abduction of Japanese citizens for its espionage acts and training. Some Zainichi (Koreans in Japan) residents are explicitly anti-Japan and have been running campaigns with the Japanese Community Party to overturn the patriotic Abe Administration by fabricating scandals and spreading false stories to undermine the international community's confidence in Japan through progressive/liberal media outlets such as AJ+ and Democracy Now. These Zainichi anti-Japan activists speak fluent Japanese, and when seen from outside, it looks like the Japanese are protesting against the Abe Administration due to its corruption, "dictatorship" (which is nothing but laughable considering how democratic the country is for allowing such ridiculous statements and borderline terrorist activities across the country to protect people's rights to freedom of speech and of assembly, and equal protection under the law), oppression against minority groups, etc.

@kimjungil2 explained his native-level Japanese proficiency to its followers that he uses Google Translate and that he has been studying Japanese himself. His use of slang and especially Internet slang, however, makes me doubt the credibility of this explanation. 
Translation: I had a blast in Singapore last night. I can't travel overseas because of my status [as NK leader] - if at all, I can only visit China.

This Tweet contains a grammatical error that is highly common among the Japanese but not among the learners of the language (「行けれない」).

In the Tweet below, he addressed his Japanese followers very casually (「お前たち」) and expressed his desire for amicable relationships with the Japanese:

Translation: I Tweeted I would sign the agreement for denuclearization two hours before the press release - after the working lunch. Trace back the Twitter timeline to confirm that I had made other statements before press releases in the past. But what's more important is not whether this account is real or fake but the love [that I have expressed] that I am with you all the Japanese people.

In the Tweet above, he addressed his followers formally (「皆さん」).

Translation: That dream you have [@travel_isobe begs Kim Jonh Un to let him travel to NK freely and his tone of voice shows desperation] is my hope, too. I promised an unprecedented reform with [President] Trump. I think the country will change within five years to one where Japanese people can freely visit.

The Japanese language is extremely complex in the sense that the comprehension and expression of nuances would require daily and complete immersion into the language. His Japanese is perfect whereas his English has some characteristics of direct translation from the Japanese language, such as this:

@kimjungil2 said "History moved", which is not a common phrase in the English language. In Japanese, however, this is perfectly normal (「歴史は動いた」). @kimjunil explained that he has not been using English since he was in his teens and that he is not fluent in the language. Another Tweet in English, however, seems to discount this claim:

I will keep a close eye on @kimjungil2.

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