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I understand that there are people who will call me racist, misogynist, or any other ideological labels to deny my points of view, especially ones on minorities. There have been people calling me a white supremacist just because I did not agree with the vulnerability of racial minorities that an African American person tried to express.

I uphold the concepts and practice of fairness and justice, in the form of equality in opportunities and not in outcomes. So, don't be so quick to judge me or my perspectives when they do not agree with your ideology.

According to a popular definition of socially privileged groups (i.e., white, male), I do not belong to them, and I do not necessarily feel like supporting the 'minorities' just because of their ethnic, racial, political, sexual, or religious status.

Generally speaking, when the system is identified as the problem and causes for individuals' predicaments, individuals are let free of responsibility and ownership of their o…

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