Mysterious Tweets by Kim Jong Un #2

I touched on some of the Tweets made by an "official" Kim Jong Un on Twitter (@kimjungil2) in my last post and my suspicion about this account. I would like to delve into some of the potential implications of believing the statements made by @kimjungil2.

#Leak before Press Release
@kimjungil2 has repeatedly claimed to be the real Kim Jong Un on Twitter.

There are many Japanese Twitter users leaning toward thinking this is a legitimate account of Kim Jong Un because it, in fact, has Tweeted about important international summits and agreements before they were signed or released from the press. Who else would have known what he would do, right?

This is exactly why I am suspecting its legitimacy: Why leak his courses of action, which can be considered classified information that can easily work against his desire once it has reached the hands of "wrong" people? Is he trying to gain buy-ins from the Japanese to achieve something? @kimjunil2 has even spoken highly of Prime Minister Abe in one of his Tweets.

Kim Jong Un is Not Insane
Some people, understandably, thought that Kim Jong Un was crazy, especially when he was threatening the U.S. and Japan with its nuclear weapons and missiles. Nuclear attacks in today's world are unthinkable, and many feared the outbreak of the Third World War. Any military strategists or anyone who can analyze international politics and global defense strategies knew that the Third World War was unlikely, however, unless NK wanted to obliterate itself. Kim Jong Un was aware of the risk he was taking and shifted his strategy tactfully as the international community, especially Japan and the U.S. kept insisting on enforcing the UNSCRs (2371, 2375, 2379, etc.), which meant NK would eventually lose its means of international trades, including arms trades with Syria, and access to supplies of daily necessities. NK has depended on its military capability (and illicit drug trafficking) and development as its major means of survival. As Lankov (2017, April 26) asserted, Kim Jong Un has aimed to survive with his authority in place. If he were insane, he would have already attacked one of the countries he explicitly targeted and gotten himself removed from the position of power.

If he is not insane, does he make sense? Here is one for thought:

Translation: That's a good guess. When I took power, coup d'etat could have happened any minute because the national military had such influence [on NK politics?]. All those mass-executions and the development of nuclear weapon have been to control the rebel's power. Without that, nothing could have moved forward no matter how much I had wanted to pursue a peaceful, diplomatic strategy.

[in response to a follower's comment on the difficulty to control his "subordinates" as a reason to threaten Japan and the U.S. with its missiles.]

  1. He was using mass-executions (of some of the top-tier party members) and development of nuclear weapons as the deterrence to coup d'etat?
  2. Were the rebels against Kim Jong Un's repressive politics or his pursuit of peaceful diplomacy?
    1. The former would make sense and execution of the rebels would make Kim Jong Un a heartless dictator who does not respect the rule of law, human rights, and other core values of democracy.
    2. If the latter was the case, why would they want to keep the current state of NK as is? NK is plagued with poverty, drug addiction, prostitution, lack of education and high adult illiteracy rate as a result, human rights violation such as executions in labor camps without due diligence, lack of press and economic freedom, etc. These have been inherited from Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and maintained by the Kim Jong Un regime.
      1. Thus it would be natural to think that the rebels would have wanted a coup against Kim Jong Un's repressive regime.

I would tentatively conclude that Kim Jong Un, with the use of this @kimjungil2 Twitter account, is trying to gain support from the Japanese people and curtail resistance and suspicion about his motives for CVID, which was not included in the US-NK agreement signed during this summit. Stronger support from the Japanese people for Kim Jong Un would mean stronger opposition against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has consistent in his efforts for NK's CVID and release of all Japanese abductees, from its own people. And the change in the dynamics in Japan's political arena, especially in relation to Abe's decision-making power, can influence the Japan-U.S. alliance and relationship, currently against NK.

Lankov, A. (2017, April 26). Kim Jong Un is a survivor, not a mad man. Foreign Policy. Retrieved from

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