I understand that there are people who will call me racist, misogynist, or any other ideological labels to deny my points of view, especially ones on minorities. There have been people calling me a white supremacist just because I did not agree with the vulnerability of racial minorities that an African American person tried to express.

I uphold the concepts and practice of fairness and justice, in the form of equality in opportunities and not in outcomes. So, don't be so quick to judge me or my perspectives when they do not agree with your ideology.

According to a popular definition of socially privileged groups (i.e., white, male), I do not belong to them, and I do not necessarily feel like supporting the 'minorities' just because of their ethnic, racial, political, sexual, or religious status.

Generally speaking, when the system is identified as the problem and causes for individuals' predicaments, individuals are let free of responsibility and ownership of their own choice.

There are different levels to 'system', and these levels may also differ depending on the topics and disciplines in which these topics are typically discussed. In economy, macro- and micro-systems are often seen in the literature. In developmental psychology, there are macro-, exo-, meso-, and micro-systems exist in the ecological systems theory (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). I do not deny the influence of the macro-systems, such as laws and regulation, education, politics, customs, and cultural norms, on the decisions that individuals make throughout their lives.

Naturally, some people need to make more efforts than others to achieve the same goals in some instances because of the environment in which they were born and raised - the environment that they were not able to choose and have been beyond their control.

Is this inequality? Yes. Should the systems be changed? Yes. The question is to which extent, and who should be the responsible actors in the system change.

Should everyone be given the equal opportunity? Yes. Is everyone being given equal opportunity across social groups? This would depend on how equal is considered 'equal.'

If everyone should have equal outcomes regardless of the efforts they make, or don't make, this is an epitome of the communist principle. Everyone is equal. This sounds wonderful. In such a society, no one is responsible for their own achievements, or lack thereof. No one takes ownership of their own choice, or in some cases, no one is allowed to.

The right to choice is precious. I believe the worst form of  'poverty' is a lack of decision-making power, which could be tied to financial, physical, mental, and/or environmental constraints one may have.

This may work for people who do not want the responsibility but still want something, but they may not realize that they cannot decide the 'something' they are given. Now they blame the system. They want more of what they want. In this sensitive society, this is so easy to do if you are a 'minority' and can bully the 'privileged' without a sense of remorse, especially when their behaviors and actions (which anyone can choose) are in question but they are able to deflect it and make it about their social group(s).

The 'privileged' are not always those born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Some of these 'privileged' people are struggling, or have struggled, in the same ways as the 'minorities' or in different ways on different dimensions. The 'privileged' are not free from suffering - neither are the 'minorities.' Everyone makes their own decisions every day. It does not matter which social groups they belong to.

Don't victimize 'minorities' as if they couldn't pick up the pieces on their own. It's my constant belief that everyone is competent in their own ways, and the capabilities come from the sense of personal responsibility. Here is an article about female C.E.O.'s with a few pieces of amazing career and life advice: https://hbr.org/2018/06/in-interviews-female-ceos-say-they-dont-expect-much-support-at-home-or-at-work

The vulnerable need special protection, but choosing to be a member of a protected group could be disempowering when one can decide to (try to) stand on one's own feet.

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